The North-East Regional Development Agency organizes the event Accelerating the digital transformation of health services in the North-East Region, which will take place between June 9-10, 2022, at Rubik Hub headquarters in Piatra Neamt.

Organized under the umbrella of the Vanguard Initiative, together with the East Netherlands and Lower Austria Regions, this event is part of the “Science meets Regions” program coordinated by the Joint Research Center (JRC). The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate interregional collaboration in order to find solutions to problems of common interest at European level, to facilitate the digital transition and to implement mechanisms to reduce the negative effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has on society.

The event Accelerating the digital transformation of health services in the North-East Region aims to intensify the collaboration between hospital managers, specialists, innovators, representatives of the medical industry and public authorities to identify, develop and implement innovative solutions to the problems faced by the national health care system.

During the two days, plenary sessions on the digitalization of the health system will be organized, presentations of models of good practices at European level, as well as participatory workshops according to the methodological model “Innovation Camp” proposed by the JRC, in order to identify the possibilities to ensure an interoperability of medical data at regional level, national and European. Also, an important part of the proposed program will be dedicated to the presentation of innovative technical solutions in order to digitize the health care system.

To book a seat at the event in Piatra Neamt, we invite you to access this link: