The Bio Hellenic Cluster, partner in the MEDIC-NEST project, coordinated by the Imago-Mol Cluster, organized between June 15-17, 2023, the third ClusterXchange event within the project, on the occasion of the third edition of Hellenic Bio Forum.

The Imago-Mol cluster was present at this event, together with a delegation made up of representatives of ten member organizations (Romsoft, Medimagis, Pixel Data, Rayscape, InoMed Medicine Innovation Center, Guardian Angel,, Praxis Laboratories, Kinetoexpress, Synaptera).

The main theme of the event was supporting disruptive innovation to maximize economic and social impact in the bio-industrial sector. Also, on the third day, the MEDIC-NEST project team presented the ClusterXchange program and the following events that will be organized under its umbrella.

The vision of the meta-cluster in the field of precision medicine was also discussed and it was emphasized that the MEDIC-NEST project primarily involves collaboration and the creation of new connections at the European level to facilitate real opportunities for the private sector operating in this field. section.

More details about this event can be found on the social media accounts of the MEDIC-NEST project.