Within the MEDIC-NEST project, a new workshop took place on October 19 in Romania. It was hosted by the Imago-Mol Cluster and integrated within the Sustainability Forum, which was organized in Iasi between October 18 and 19, 2022.

The workshop was focused on the preparation of the Strategy of the European Meta-Cluster in Precision Medicine, on the main conditions of the partnership agreement for the Meta-Cluster and establishing the basis for the Joint Action Plan on precision medicine in the field of cancer.

The meeting held in Iasi also represented an opportunity for the creation of the Consultative Council of the Meta-cluster, with its first Romanian scientific members present at the event. In their presence, the role of the Advisory Council was discussed.

We were also honored to host an online intervention by Antonio Novo, President of the European Cluster Alliance, who presented the ECCP report on disruptions in European value chains with a focus on health, to gain a broader perspective on the European context and to establish how the creation of the meta-cluster can be an added value at EU level.