The IMAGO-MOL cluster promoted its activity to the representatives of the member clusters of the TIM supercluster and its secretariat in order to prospect potential collaboration opportunities on April 28th.

The meeting was facilitated by the North-East Regional Development Agency, which presented the region and the activities of NE RDA at the opening.

The TIM member clusters that participated in the online meeting, namely SherBrooke Innopole (Canada), Action Innovation Network (USA), iPark Shonan (Japan), Bioga (Spain) and Slovenian Innovation Hub briefly presented their mission and current activities.

TIM’s goal is to connect clusters and science parks, by creating international alliances, to improve ecosystems, contributing to the improvement of the functioning of the health system and, implicitly, to the well-being of the population.

Common points of interest identified between IMAGO-MOL and TIM were digitalization in health and personalized medicine.

During the month of May, follow-up meetings will take place to establish the details of future collaborations between TIM Multihelix and the Imago-Mol Cluster.