On December 12, 2019 the Working Group for IMAGO-MOL Strategic Agenda took place in the Conference Room of the U.M.F. “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi, part of the activities of the project „Increasing the excellence of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster by developing the RDI Strategic Planning Documents (CEX – IMAG)”, financed by UEFISCDI through the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation for the period 2015 – 2020 (PNCDI III). A number of 15 members’ representatives joined the meeting.

The event included the presentation of the activities carried out in 2019 within the CEX-IMAG project and of the main results, as well as of the Implementation Plan of the Strategic Agenda in the field of health of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster, of the project sheets developed by the members. From the point of view of financing opportunities, the architecture of the future programming period of the structural funds 2021-2027 was discussed, as well as the guidelines for the National Health Program 2021-2027. Also, the eligibility conditions for the call dedicated to the Innovation Clusters, debated by the Operational Competitiveness Program, which was launched on November 26, were discussed.