On 27th of September 2018 in the Conference Hall of UMF „Gr.T.Popa”  IASI took place the Working Group meeting for IMAGO-MOL Cluster Strategic Agenda, within the project Increasing the excellence of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster by developing the RDI Strategic Planning Documents (CEX – IMAG), financed by Ministry for Research and Innovation through PNCDI III.  A number of 23 members’ representatives of IMAGO-MOL Cluster participated at the meeting.

The aim of the event was to consult the members on the development priorities of IMAGO-MOL cluster in the frame of partnership development of the Strategic Agenda, in line with the necessities and the mutual objectives and IMAGO-MOL members and key stakeholders in health.

Mrs. Alina CAPITANU, project director explained the aim of the meeting and thanked all for responding to the invitation. Furthermore, she conducted a presentation of the project, the development stagesof the strategic documents and on the planning model to build the IMAGO-MOL Strategic Agenda in partnership.

Mrs. Carmen MIHAI, IMAGO-MOL innovation manager displayed the questionnaire for the identification of the members‘ interests, which will be used within the project to identify the domains of interest, strategic directions, resources which members might offer at cluster’s disposal as well to facilitate an organizational SWOT analysis.

Mrs. Professor MD PHD Cipriana STEFANESCU, scientific coordinator of the project presented a summary of the directions, themes and subthemes for prior research within the Cluster, including mainly: topics for the development of new radiopharmaceuticals, topics for imaging processing and processing in correlation with phenotypic markers related to the disease to be diagnosed or treated, IT systems in healthcare, telemedicine.

Forwards, representatives of the cluster’s members took the floor and detailed the development of directions proposals.

Therefore, Mr. Iulian CIOCOIU, vice dean of „Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University mentioned some directions such as AI applications for medicine (e.g. intelligent physician’s assistant), medical images compression, research for reducing the level of irradiation in imagistic investigations.

Mrs. Associate Professor MD PHD Corina URSULESCU LUPASCU mentioned that the idea of a multi centric PACS might be viable in order to avoid the circulation of the medical images on patients’ CD’s, which might be altered when patients are sent from one center to another. Mr. MD Phd Alexandru NAUM, Nuclear Medicine Laboratory from IRO Iasi added that the Norwegian model could be followed.

The next working meeting will take place in November 2018, in the context of Nuclear Medicine Days Iasi (1- 4 November 2018), event organized by Romanian Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imagistics – SRMNIM, in collaboration with U.M.F. “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi, the Innovative Regional Cluster of Structural and Molecular Imaging – IMAGO-MOL, the Society of Physicians and Naturalists, the St. Spiridon County Emergency Clinical Hospital and the Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi.

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