The first one on one coaching session between the pilot region of Murcia (Spain) and the Northeast Mirror region took place on March 22, 2022

During the meeting, the particularities of the two regions were presented from the perspective of the health system and its challenges, establishing the work schedule of the coaching process.

The Region of Murcia presented the actors involved in the co-creation process of the pilot project chosen at the regional level, namely “Early Detection of Multiple Sclerosis Progression (MS)”.

The North-East Region gave a presentation on the situation of the health system, the role of each actor in the co-creation process at regional level: North-East RDA as coordinator, the IMAGO-MOL Cluster as a stakeholder and “Providenta” Hospital and Clinic from Iasi, as a provider of medical services involved in facilitating a pilot project.

CHERRIES (Constructing Healthcare Environments through Responsible Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategies) is a project funded by the HORIZON 2020 Program aimed at experimenting with responsible research and innovation policies in the health sector in three European territories – Murcia (Spain), Örebro (Sweden) and Cyprus, by getting involved in regional pilot actions aimed at:

– Identifying the needs of the health sector at territorial level

– Encourage the proposal and co-creation of innovative solutions for the identified needs

– Stimulating the processes of institutional reflection on how to innovate products and services in the health sector through participatory approaches

– Present evidence-based recommendations for reviewing sectoral policies, strategies and tools to support innovation.

The North East region is one of the mirror regions selected to implement the model developed for the co-creation of innovative health solutions by the consortium implementing the CHERRIES project.