The Imago-Mol cluster is the coordinator of the MEDIC-NEST project – Precision MEDICine Clusters integrating Digital Technologies for New EcoSystems in HealThcare, financed by the COSME Program. This project aims to strengthen excellence in cluster management and facilitate strategic partnership between clusters and specialized ecosystems in the field of precision medicine in Europe. The project will facilitate the establishment of a European Metacluster in Precision Medicine, the development of a Strategy of the European Metacluster in Precision Medicine for the 2022-2027 period and a Joint Action Plan in Precision Oncology 2022-2027.

In this context, members of partner clusters, but also of other clusters that are not part of the consortium, can benefit from financial support for carrying out experience exchange visits in COSME partner countries, through the ClusterXChange scheme, developed at the level of the European Union. Visits can last at least 3 days (excluding the travel period).

In order to interconnect the ecosystems of partner clusters Imago-Mol, MEDVIA Belgium, Hellenic Biocluster Greece and Biotecyl – Cluster de Salud de Castillia y Leon, Spain, the MEDIC-NEST consortium has planned a series of Clusters Week events.

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