On 22 November 2018 an IMAGO MOL delegation has participated at a C2C session, carried out at Pharmapolis Cluster headquarters from Debrecen, Hungary. The mission took place in the broader context of Joint Romania – Hungary Clusters Conference which was held at Oradea (20 November) and Debrecen (21 – 22 November).

IMAGO MOL Cluster beneficiated of a presentation stand on 20 November at Oradea and a large number of meetings with clusters’ representatives from clusters organnizations/companies/universities both from Romania (Ro Health Cluster, Innovative Cluster from Health Galati) and from abroad (Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, France etc) took place.

In Debrecen, there were visited research facilities of Pharmapolis Cluster, namely The Institute of Nuclear Research of Science Academy from Hungary and Medical Center Scanomed – Debrecen. Both locations have been presented by the research personnel who emphasized the collaboration possibilities, their area of expertise, the services they can offer as well as the results achieved so far and the partnerships they are in.

Scanomed staff presented the infrastructure (PET with high spatial resolution – 0,3 mm with 3D Tera-Tomo (™)reconstruction, imagistic with high sensitivity (8%), the large dimension of the reaming: visual filed of transmission of 12 cm, visual field of 10 cm, shut down PET: cardiac and pulmonary acquisition for a better quality of the image as well as quantitative analysis of the region of Interest – ROI- for small animals; MRI, SPECT  and CT), but also the new acquisition of a PET/RMN of 3T in combination with the development of the tumor patterns on syngenic and xenogenic  animals or patterns for neurologic pathologies (Alzheimer etc.).

The radiochemical lab, in which the design, synthesis and vector molecule marking are taking place, is in compliance with GMP standards for the production of the radio pharmaceutics. Among the existing instruments the continuous analyzer of the blood radioactivity and gamma counter for ex vivo measurements were outstanding.  The bio-base is situated aside imagistic lab and complies with GLP conditions for studies on immune-compromised animals.

The main research directions are developing of new radio pharmaceutics in oncology, but also in studies for neurodegenerative diseases. Otherwise, the translational aspect of the experimental preclinical medicine and of the human experimental medicine, organized structurally and architecturally in the same center, but within different circuits underlines the importance of the new translational science and offers the chance to explore it in this futuristic center, built under the concept „from bench to bedside”.

The second meeting was organized within the Institute of Nuclear Research of Science Academy from Hungary, where the portfolio of radioisotopes of biomedical purpose has been shown.

Not least, it was emphasized the possibility to make some exchanges of practice within Erasmus programs not only for students but for the researchers and PhD students within the Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Debrecen.

C2C mission was beneficial for the improvement of the European collaboration relations of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster, contributing to an increase of the visibility and of the development of mid and long term partnerships within the ongoing projects or for later on collaboration on mutual interest topics for the members of the two clusters.