Imago-Mol Cluster organized Healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship workshop in cooperation with RubikHub and Freshblood on 11th of July 2019. We discussed about cluster’s activities and  its future plans regarding the healthcare ecosystem together with Mrs. Prof.dr. Cipriana Stefanescu, president of IMAGO-MOL’s Scientific Council, about technology in healthcare and innovative application for health with Ilinca Nicolae – Rubikhub, on what is innovation, education, entrepreneurship and intrepreneurhsip with Ion Gheorghe Petrovai – Fresh Blood.

Cristina Baghiu, EIT Health Starship fellow shared the experience and impact that participating in such a programme produces benefits for personal and professional development.

Mediqualia and PediTHEC were the two promising startups participating in pitch for advise section and the discussions panel has given the opportunity to listen to people with different interests in innovation in healthcare, starting with neonatology/paediatrics with Catalina Luca, Medical Bioengineering school within UMF Iasi, blood donation and its encouragement – Dan Popescu, fondator Asociatia Trei Vieti, blockchain techmology in clinical trials – Gabi Dumitriu, fondator Lawcalis and doctor-patients medical apps – Lucian Nita, project manager la RomSoft.