IMAGO-Mol Cluster has organized on 4th of July 2018 the launching conference for the project Increasing the excellence of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster by developing the RDI Strategic Planning Documents CEX – IMAG in the Auditorium of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa” Iasi.

Starting with 1st of July 2018, North East Regional Innovative Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (Imago-Mol) the project  Increasing the excellence of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster by developing the RDI Strategic Planning Documents (CEX – IMAG), financed by Ministry for Research and Innovation  through the National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation for the period 2015 – 2020 (PNCDI III).

The overall amount of the project (PN-III-P2-2.1-CLS-2017-0047/12CLS/2018) is 420,250 RON, out of which 350,000 RON is the grant.

The aim of the project CEX – IMAG is to increase the excellence and applicative scientific productivity of IMAGO-MOL Cluster through the development of RDI strategic planning documents in order to ensure the continuity and increase of the operational capacity of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster in a field of high importance for health sector – medical imaging, in correlation with ITC and biotechnology.

In the first part of the conference, moderated by Mrs. PhD, Professor Cipriana Stefănescu, President of Scientific Committee of Cluster IMAGO-MOL, Mr. Md. PhD, Professor Viorel SCRIPCARIU, rector of University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa” Iasi has given the opening speech, outlining the importance of the partnership in developing projects within the cluster. Forwards, presentations were supported by Mr. Md PhD, Assistant professor Vasile FOTEA, president of the Cluster, Spiridon Hospital, Mr. Daniel COSNITA, President of the Clusters Association from Romania  – CLUSTERO, Mrs. Alina CAPITANU, project director, North East RDA, Mrs. Md PhD, Professor Cipriana STEFANESCU, President of Scientific Committee of  Cluster IMAGO-MOL, Scientific Coordinator of the Project, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa” Iasi, Mrs. MD, PhD, Professor Danisia Haba, Scientific consultant, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa” Iasi

Furthermore, the second part of the event was dedicated to discussions of the Working Group for the elaboration of the IMAGO-MOL Cluster RDI Strategic Agenda, a structure meant to work on partnership in order to realize the three main strategic documents (IMAGO-MOL Cluster RDI Strategic AgendaImplementation Plan and the Strategy for Expansion and Internationalization) in correlation with the needs and the objectives of the Imago-Mol members and key actors in health sector.

It is important to mention that the Implementation Plan of the Cluster Imago MOL will include a portfolio of strategic projects within health field in North East Region and there will be organized workshops for projects’ identification which will lead to projects’ concept notes in correlation with the available funding sources.